Functional Rehabilitation

Function Rehabilitation

What is Function Rehabilitation?

The goal of functional rehab is ultimately to allow patients to resume normal activities of daily living by focusing on their functional impairments. Whether your goal is being able to turn your head to check your blind spot, lift the kids into the car or sitting at your work desk without discomfort, we will design a treatment plan that works for you.
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"My tendinitis was so severe I could hardly type of hold a cup of coffee. After about 4 weeks of work, Dr. Craig had it feeling better. I now keep up with the exercises."
Tracey H.
"Dr. Burns was able to help me get back to function within a short time. He was able to diagnose the issues causing the pain and worked on those areas intensively. I appreciate his competence and the amount of time spent with me. Thank you, Dr. Burns!"
Ching-Ching R
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